Issue One is now live!

We are happy to share that the inaugural issue of The Glacier is now live.

Co-editor David Dodd Lee opens with words on the issues Special Feature: the late Molly Brodak. Of Brodak’s poems, Lee writes: “Art above all else, is one thing we feel, reading Brodak’s poems. So maybe not art in general but this artist. Brodak.”

In addition to Molly Brodak, the issue also features poetry by Joe Bolton, Mary Ruefle, Michael Burkard, Lisa Fishman, Mark Halliday, John Gallaher, Laura Cherry, Dana Roeser, Robert VanderMolen, Ashley Capps, Joseph Goosey, Priscilla Long, and Paula Cisewski.

You fell so far into the negative space of paintings you couldn’t
	find your way back out, so now you have to hang there, crucified, 
	on the gallery wall. 
– from “The First Summer Meditation” by Joe Bolton

More poetry also appears from Matthew Lippman, Ruth Baumann, Stella Vinitchi Radulescu, Myronn Hardy, Miriam Levine, William Neumire, William Stobb, Jennifer Boyden, Jake Bauer, Daniel Biegelson, Gary McDowell, Matthew Thorburn, Dennis Hinrichsen, and Allison Titus.

It isn't long. Three minutes. Two cows the color of dirty snow stand single file in a concrete corridor, too narrow for either to turn around. The camera films from behind, looking down. There’s a dark door ahead...
– from “‘Saddest Slaughterhouse Footage Ever Shows No Blood or Slaughter'” by Ashley Capps

Prose appears by Marcy Rae Henry, Kevin McIlvoy, Kim Chinquee, and Mary Ruefle. Visual art by Evan Nicholls, J. I. Kleinberg, and Jack Felice.

Our most sincere thanks to everyone who submitted work for our inaugural issue. We hope you enjoy!