Stella Vinitchi Radulescu

The Glacier
Issue One
Fall 2022

half eye half voice

start from here the black hole

the warm & warming

particles of life:

half eye half voice—

divided in species & stars

we stopped the killing

and birds start

flying and jasmine fragrance

returns to earth

each other's image— days 
pop up and nights 

by the river     update your face

the flowing down 

                invention of blood


green works like
            a ghost comes
at night talks about
            trees & grass
green birds & green cats—
            green takes me
back to my country where
            I was reading
russian poets & Dante now
            I remember
Tsarskoe-Selo where Akhmatova
            ate an apple

the long road to the heart

name it	             oh wait
it's already here on the plate

long screams & children on the road 
a fiesta might be going on

on bloody land—
it's late so late how could I fall

& rise 
from my own flesh      a sentence

never ends       or it does— 
an empty nest fell down from my sleep

fill it up with words big & small  
blackbirds & songs 

STELLA VINITCHI RADULESCU, Romanian-American poet, Ph.D. in French, is the author of many collections of poetry published in the United States, Romania and France. She writes poetry in English, French and Romanian and her poems have appeared in a variety of literary magazines in the United States, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Romania. Her last two collections of poetry I Scrape the Window of Nothingness (2018) and Traveling With the Ghosts (2021) were published by Orison Books. A Cry in the Snow, translated from the French (Un cri dans la neige, Editions du Cygne, Paris) was published in 2018 by Seagull Books Press.

Artwork by David Dodd Lee.
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